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Is a refrigerated air conversion right for you?

In a hot, dry area like El Paso County, you need a reliable cooling system. In the past, swamp coolers made the region livable. Today, however, they're rapidly falling out of favor as more people turn to refrigerated air systems. Before you convert to an energy-saving refrigerated air system, you want to make sure it's worth the investment. A refrigerated air conversion gives you the benefits of:

  • Consistent temperature: Ventilated refrigerated air can cool every room evenly, unlike a central swamp cooler.
  • Cooler air: Evaporative coolers can only reduce temperatures by about 15 degrees, so on a 100-degree day you'll still feel 85-degree heat.
  • Better comfort: Swamp coolers use evaporated water to cool your skin, but a refrigerated air system cools the air directly.

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Keep your AC unit running smoothly

Having trouble with your refrigerated air system? If you're not getting the results you want, turn to skilled HVAC contractors with 15 years of experience. We'll repair and maintain your HVAC unit.

Refrigerated air systems require far less maintenance than swamp coolers, but you'll still need to clean your ventilation system regularly. Trust Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling, LLC of El Paso, TX for professional duct cleaning services.

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Keep your AC unit running smoothly
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