If your swamp cooler looks like this...

Then it's time to convert to a refrigeration system like this

Upgrade to a refrigerated air system in El Paso, TX

In the arid Southwest regions, many people rely on swamp coolers to stay comfortable indoors. Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, use the evaporation process to cool the air. Many of the area's early settlers hung damp blankets indoors to cool their homes using the same principle.

As refrigeration technology improved, however, swamp coolers quickly became outdated and inefficient. A modern refrigerated air system from Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling, LLC uses less energy and requires less maintenance than an evaporative cooler.

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3 reasons to convert to refrigerated air

Why have so many residents of El Paso, Texas chosen to convert to refrigerated air? A refrigerated air system lets you...

  1. Save money: Because the system uses less energy, you can expect your energy expenses to drop.
  2. Avoid a stinky home: If you don't clean your swamp cooler regularly, your home will take on a, well, swampy smell.
  3. Stay cooler: Refrigerated air is more effective and reliable, so you can always depend on a cool home.
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3 reasons to convert to refrigerated air